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5 star rating

"John is awesome to work with, don’t look any further"

- Andre Wagner

5 star rating

"John was so easy to talk to and gave us great ideas on how to make our townhome more appealing to buyers!"

- Mary Hill

5 star rating

"John & team are amazing! He knows the area inside and out and all the buyers."

- Stacy Barrett

5 star rating

"A very knowledgeable and professional realtor who understands all facets of the process from start to finish."

- Rofo Audio

Understanding Commission vs. Marketing Fee

  • Understanding Commission vs. Marketing Fee

    Learn why rephrasing commissions as marketing fees makes a difference.

Opinion vs Recommendation: Level Up Your Real Estate Game

  • Opinion vs Recommendation: Level Up Your Real Estate Game

    Discover the impact of word choice on your listing presentations.

Why Choosing the Right Words Matter in Real Estate

  • Why Choosing the Right Words Matter in Real Estate

    Make a huge difference on your listings' impact with a simple word change.

Join One of the Most Successful Independent Brokerages in Philadelphia and Naples, FL

How would your life change if you consistently earned $75,000 to $100,000 or more as a full-time real estate agent, while living life on your terms?
Why Hire Us

We both know that you work hard. You are inspired by the grind, and you want to enhance your life. You’re looking for the training, tools, and culture that can help you thrive and achieve your goals, but it’s just not working out right now. You can’t find any business, the debts are piling up, and as much as you work, you can’t find a way out. You have the work ethic; you just don’t have the training or direction to succeed.

Most companies out there might train you, but they won’t give you any business. You’re looking for a company that will give you leads, training, admin support, and effective systems, all without breaking the bank. Maybe you’ve tried to do this yourself. You might have spent money on a website or on leads, but all that does is drive you into debt. You’re trying to generate business, but it’s not working out.

If you’re like me when I started, you’re worrying about where you’re going to get business from, how you’re going to pay the bills, or when your next closing is. You spend all night worrying about the uncertainty of your paycheck.

If you keep on like this, you’ll have to leave real estate. You’ll be saddled with the leftover debt, and you’ll have to go back to your old job.

My name is John Salkowski, and I know your pain. In May of 2006, I left police work, where I made $75,000 a year, to work as a solo agent. I made $85,000 in my first year of real estate, but I also racked up $50,000 in credit card debt. I want to offer new agents what I didn’t have: the support and the know-how to make money in this industry without crippling debt.

That’s what I want to offer you. If you work with me, we’ll keep your expenses to zero while increasing your business by 100%. You’ll be working on a split, but you won’t have to pay anything yourself. What you make is what you take home. I want to take the worry out of the industry so that you can focus on the grind and meet your goals.

We really do provide you with everything. Most other brokerages won’t give you half of what we do, including:

  • A CRM
  • A website
  • Support staff
  • Leads
  • Zero desk fees
  • Zero monthly fees
  • Transaction management
  • Training and mentorship
  • Financial education (so you can build long-term wealth)

If you work here, you can call me anytime you need. All of us are here to help you be the best agent you can be.

We want you to have a great life. We want you to have the time and money to live on your own terms, and that’s what we’re offering you. If you join us, I will be 100% committed to your success, and not just in real estate. I want to help improve your life. That means your health, family, time, and freedom as well.

After you accept our offer, we’ll transfer your license and MLS membership. We’ll start by training you on all our platforms and scripts. After that, we’ll also teach you how to negotiate, write a strong offer, convert leads, and attract more business from your sphere of influence.

I promise that working with us will enhance your professional life, personal life, and wealth-building. Our philosophy is family first, so we’ll teach you how to work hard but make sure you have a beautiful work-life balance too.

Now is the time to start improving your life. Contact me, and I can help you start making money almost instantly. You don’t need to go into debt; you don’t need to do it by yourself. Let’s do this as a team.

Enhance Your Professional Life, Personal Life, and Wealth-Building

We’ll keep your expenses to zero while increasing your business by 100%.
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Increase your income to $100k+
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Zero Business Expenses
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Training, Guidance, and Mentorship
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Leads, Systems, & Website Included

Hello! I'm John Salkowski!

Broker/Owner | Head Inspirational Business Coach

John Salkowski, driven by his mantra “Inspired By The Grind,” founded The JRS Realty Group in 2006, a thriving boutique real estate organization in the Greater Philadelphia area, also serving Naples, Florida. His true passion lies in training, coaching, and mentoring real estate agents, helping them achieve success and live life on their terms. With an 18-year career in real estate, John emphasizes the importance of leveraging systems and tools to empower agents towards time and money freedom.

John’s mission is to attract and mentor agents who aim to sell 25-50 homes per year and are eager to live extraordinary lives. He created the “Inspired By The Grind with John Salkowski” blog and Facebook group to coach and train agents nationwide on excelling in the real estate market, sharing his favorite strategies and insights to help them become the best in their field.

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Client Testimonials

"I can't say enough wonderful things about The JRS Realty Group! John listed my house just two weeks after my initial call, providing detailed steps and guidance throughout the process. As a first-time seller, he made everything simple and enjoyable. His team checked in daily and offered constant support. My house was listed on a Friday, and I accepted an offer by Monday! If you're looking for a hard-working, honest, and reliable realtor, I highly recommend John and the JRS Realty Group!"

- Tim Stevenson

"We needed to sell our home to buy a new one and had encountered two hesitant agents before meeting John. From day one, John was confident and assured us he could handle both transactions smoothly. John, Melissa, and the team were energetic, quick to answer questions, and sincerely dedicated to their work. They went above and beyond, selling our house the same day it went on the market, and now we're settled in our new dream home. We felt like family throughout the process. We highly recommend JRS Realty Group to anyone looking to sell or buy a home."

- Chahana Patel

"The JRS Realty Group is always up to date with market trends. They will advise you on the best course of action that will give you your desired result. We have dealt with John on numerous sales and we have been very pleased with the results. John will always be our realtor."

- Michael Falco

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